Have you heard of the lesson jams?

If your answer is no, let me catch you up! They are:

FREE online sessions that take place twice a month.

A great opportunity to meet and talk to other educators face to screen! If you’re stuck at home like I am, this is really important..

A community of practice. A network of teachers who learn from each other.

I organize and run these sessions with the help of these 4 amazing teachers and regular jammers:

Lina Gordyshevskaya

Vicky Margari

Chris Mo Szu Ti

Liza Fedotova

So what do you need to do?

  1. You are asked to bring along a lesson idea or activity.

2. You’ll form the perfect ‘band’ by being teamed up with 3 teachers in a breakout room.

3. Each teacher then has around 6 minutes to present their idea, 3 minutes to get quick feedback from their peers and 6 minutes to chat & expand on the feedback .

The lesson jams are a great way to practise your presentation and feedback skills! You will also get to practise using Jamboard , a tool which can be very useful in online classes.

We’ve run 8 jam sessions so far!

I’ve made some new friends. I’ve saved tons of materials in my TEFL drive. I’ve been inspired to try new things in class. In short, I’ve benefitted in so many ways!

After the session, we collect all the lesson plans/activities shared and publish a summary.

Here are the all the summaries we’ve published so far. More than 75 lesson ideas shared by teachers!

Here’s a video that I hope will answer all your questions!

Huge thanks to Lina , Chris and Liza for helping me create it!

Sounds interesting?

  1. You can follow the lesson Jams on LinkedIn and Twitter.

2.The next session is on Sunday 17th January at 14:00 CET. Register here.

3. Have you ever attended a lesson jam? Please leave a comment about your experience!