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FOMO vs JOMO is a very interesting topic for teenagers and adults. FOMO means fear of missing out , whereas JOMO is joy of missing out! (Click on the links to read more).

I used these two videos with my B2 teens last week. They explain the concepts quite well and provide loads of examples.

Here’s an idea for a 45′-60′ lesson:

1.Lead in:

Ask students if they consider themselves digitally healthy. How much time do they spend online? What do they do when they’re online? Plenary or pair/group work.


Show them this picture and ask them to describe what they see and guess what the topic of the lesson is.

2. Check what they know:

Ask if they’re familiar with FOMO and JOMO.

3. Do a jigsaw listening:

Tell them they’re going to watch a video that explains one of the two concepts. They can play it twice and take notes. (Easier if you’re teaching online. If you’re teaching face-to-face, students need to have their own mobile devices and internet access.)

Divide students into pairs and give them the links to the YouTube videos. To differentiate, stronger students can watch the video on FOMO and weaker ones the JOMO video with subtitles.

After watching once or twice, they get together in pairs to exchange information about what they’ve learned. They need to decide if they have FOMO or JOMO.

4. Check understanding:

They can do this jamboard matching task in pairs. This is a view-only template, please don’t request access. You need to make your own copy. If you don’t know how, watch this video.

5. Focus on chunks:

You can tell students to focus on the new language on the jamboard and divide words/phrases into 3 categories.

I can useI understandI don’t understand

Then, they can use Cambridge Dictionary to look up new words, or Sentence dictionary online to find example sentences with the given words/phrases. Get them to share what they found online. Record the new language if possible. Maybe vocabulary cards, lexical notebooks, google docs. Whatever works. We have a words and collocations excel sheet where we record new language by topic.

6. Focus on connected speech:

You can elicit or help students discover, or explicitly teach (it depends on you and what works well in your context) features of connected speech between chunks, such as:

consonant-vowel linking between your+own, /jɔːrˈəʊn/ and give+up /gɪvˈʌp/

insertion of approximant /w/ to make the transition between two vowels smoother: go+online /ˈgəʊwɒnˌlaɪn/

intrusive /r/ between two vowels in: media+addiction /ˈmiːdɪərəˌdɪkʃən/

elision of /t/ in : without+judgement /wɪðˈaʊˌʤʌʤmənt/

yod coalescence between /t/ and /j/ in: shut+yourself /ˈʃʌʧɔːrˌself/ and limit+your time /ˈlɪmɪʧɔːrˌtaɪm/

*Remember and also remind students that these are possible realisations, not standard rules.

7. Personalise: Get them more involved by asking them to share their experience and beliefs on FOMO or JOMO in pairs/groups. Give them a couple of minutes to prepare. Encourage them to choose 2-3 chunks from the jamboard and use them. You can also provide some useful language such as:

Sentence starters

I used to…but I don’t anymore

I’ve never..

I’ll try+ing ..

Expressing opinion

if you ask me,

What I think is..

I would say that..

Asking for opinion

Don’t you think?

What do you think?

Do you know what I mean?

They loved it.

Depending on how many stages of formative feedback you plan to include, this lesson can take from 45′ to one hour.

My teens were seriously engaged! The videos triggered a great discussion. Hope your students like this lesson idea!

Want more?

If you’re teaching 90-minute classes, you can ask students to practise writing an article (B2 writing part 2) on this topic. A good chance to practise the language learned.

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels