No need for long intros! I know you’re tired and you need practical solutions! So here’s my present to you.  A list of 15 ready-to-use Christmas lesson ideas! Huge thanks to all the teachers who have kindly shared their work with us!

1.Fluency through storytelling with Peppa Pig for kids by Gyorgyi Ódor.

2. Christmas in Australia dictoglossby Myles Klynhout.

3. A task-based lesson idea using a scene from Love Actuallyby Myles Klynhouyt.

4. Festive filler activities and an extension task based on the song The Twelve Days  of Christmas by Olly ELT.

 5. A jigsaw reading that explores the origins of Father Christmas by Jason Anderson.

6.  A lesson focusing on a festive email of complaint, shared on the Fluency First ELT blog  by Neil Anderson.

7.  A lesson plan based on a Coca Cola advert by Katy Muench.

8. A jigsaw-style viewing activity.

9. Christmas-themed key word transformations and writing for FCE classes.

10. A lesson in which advanced learners can discuss what constitutes the essence of Christmas, as well as create storyboards and a script for a Christmas advert. By Olivia Price-Bates.

11. A festive lesson plan based on a Christmas song by Inspirational English.

12. A British Council reading lesson about what goes into a typical British Christmas.

 13. Another British Council  Christmas lesson in which students will review Christmas vocabulary and find out about Christmas celebrations around the world.

14. A Christmas lesson plan for higher levels (C1+) in which students learn some Christmassy expressions then practice them in a crossword and discussion by Tim Robbio Warre.

15. Lots of videos and movie trailers you can use here. Worksheets available on the ELT Buzz  website.

Enjoy and share!