Aprilis in Latin and Greek (Απρίλης).

According to Wikipedia, the traditional etymology is from the latin verb aperire, which means to open.

The Greek word for spring is άνοιξη, which also means opening.

Opening or blossoming of flowers and trees.

And in my case, new professional development goals.


I would like to work as a CELTA or DELTA Module 2 tutor in the future. I love teaching and being observed, and look forward to doing that to help other teachers develop. I also find lesson observations and feedback sessions to be the most important part of a trainer’s job and something I’m really keen to learn to do well.

Having completed the DELTA and Train the Trainer course, I do feel more confident when it comes to observing and giving feedback to teachers. I volunteered for Syrian Youth Assembly , from February to end of March, so I had the chance to practise what I’d learned. I worked with 4 Syrian teachers; I observed their online classes and gave them written or oral feedback. It was a truly rewarding experience.

Although I am a certified trainer now, I feel there is still a lot to learn. The Train the Trainer course was a useful introduction but I want to dig deeper into the world of teacher training.

That’s why I felt I should start a Master’s course, but not one that would just repeat what I’ve already done on the DELTA; I looked for a practical course that would help me develop as a trainer.

Another area I’m interested in, is Materials Writing. I’ve been creating my own materials for my classes for some time and I really enjoy experimenting and mixing different frameworks. I’m also a member of the IATEFL MAWSig.

After talking to Chris Mo Szu Ti, who has taken a lot of courses with NILE and highly recommends them, I decided to apply for the MAPDLE and just got my approval a few days ago. I’ve chosen these two modules: Trainer Development(TD) and Materials development(MD). What also played an important role in making this decision were Sandy Millin’s TD posts and Pete Clements‘ MD posts. They both wrote the MAPDLE was a positive learning experience and I totally trust their judgement. These two blogs are excellent by the way! If you don’t already follow them , do it now! Honestly, they are like a free PD course.


I thought that studying phonology would be the most intimidating aspect of the DELTA but it actually turned out to be one of my favourites after completing the course! As most of my readers may already know, I’m passionate about integrating pronunciation practice into my listening classes. For this reason, I joined IATEFL PronSIG some months ago and I’ve already learned a lot from the SIG’s journal and webinars.

I’m delighted to say that I’ve recently joined the IATEFL Pronsig committee as a social media assistant. It’s a wonderful group of dedicated educators with a range of experience and a genuine passion for pronunciation teaching. I’m sure that this is just the start of a wonderful journey.

I highly recommend joining the IATEFL PronSIG:

-if you’re interested in pronunciation teaching.

-to get access to SPEAKOUT, a biannual journal where you can read articles and reviews on pronunciation and listening.

-to benefit from free webinars, workshops and conferences at a discounted price.

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More work 🙂

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a language school in Huelva, via TEFL.com. They asked me to teach a couple of classes and an intensive blended learning course, which is totally new to me. I was very pleased because I’d been teaching one-to-one for months and it’s so nice to have a group of 7-9 students again! I’m teaching adults and teenagers at the moment and I’m loving it. Most importantly, the director and staff are wonderful people, always there to support me and offer practical solutions. I’m very happy they’ve found me!

Lesson Jams

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, I will no longer have time to organise and run the lesson jams. The good news is you can still jam! Look out for lesson jam posts on Facebook and twitter.


The pandemic has taught me that although life has become sedentary, I must find ways to move on!


I’ve created an Instagram account! Better late than never 😁 Feel free to follow.