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Online classes with Rachel

Are you looking for an online English teacher? I can help you!

Here’s what I can do for you:

Teach General English or Exam classes.

Select interesting topics.

Design engaging materials.

Create a variety of activities.

Teach individual or  group classes.

Contact me for more details.

English Trainers

a network which offers a wide range of English language services

Muddles into Maxims

a teacher/trainer/learner reflecting on shifts from confusion to clarity (and the other way 'round)

Wednesday Seminars

Zhenya Polosatova's reflective lounge: learning, teaching, teacher training.

Unleashing The Teacher Within

Be the best teacher you can be!

TEFL in Colombia

Teaching English in Colombia can be more than just a gap year adventure

EFL Notes

Random commentary on teaching English as a foreign language

Ken Wilson's Blog

Still Standing - Careering Into My Seventies


“The mind is like a sponge, soaking up endless drops of knowledge." - Robert M. Hensel


My Vocation is my Vacation: Resources, Materials and Ideas

Song Activity Factory

The power of songs to teach English through innovative and engaging learning experiences. Free song-based lesson plans and activities with worksheet pdfs for ELT, ESL, EFL, TESOL, TEFL, EAL, ELL and ELA

Teacher Training Unplugged

simplifying language teacher education


Classroom materials and teaching tips from TEFL lifer Alex Case. See the drop-down menus under the photo for thousands of photocopiables and articles, and for how to support TEFLtastic

The Teacher James

Ideas and Resources for Teaching English As A Foreign Language

Sandy Millin

Technologically and linguistically adventurous EFL teacher, trainer, writer and manager

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