Registrations are open for the LanguagEd English conversation programme for language teachers:  Speak Better Teach Better!

You can sign up here.

While working with LanguagEd trainees reparing for their concorso, we’ve heard things like…

  • I love teaching but sometimes I don’t feel confident speaking with my students and I worry this damages my authority in the classroom.
  • How am I supposed to improve my speaking if I only speak with A2-level teenage students?
  • I need to develop my fluency and accuracy to discuss my lesson plan for the concorso but I can’t find a specific course to do that.

This is what Speak Better Teach Better can help you with. It’s a specialised English conversation programme for language teachers.

What will I learn in the programme?

As the name suggests, Speak Better Teach Better will help you improve your speaking by discussing teaching related topics. You will thus improve your fluency while simultaneously learning new teaching strategies. You will receive personal feedback on your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

What specific topics will we discuss?

You will discuss the topics breaking the ice and building rapport, correcting students’ mistakes, dealing with disruptive students, differentiating lessons, teaching grammar, technology and games, teaching pronunciation and teaching low-level learners.

Who will I learn with?

You will learn in small, supportive groups of 4 to 6 language teachers. I will be one of the trainers, along with Chiara Bruzzano, André Hedlund and Sylvia Provenzano.

What are the dates?

The course runs on Zoom for 10 hours over 8 weeks. Registrations close on 8 February and the courses start in the week commencing 13 February.

How many courses and places are available?

There are currently 7 courses available and we will only accept 6 students per course. Places are thus very limited, so make sure you reserve your place now to avoid disappointment.

Are there discounts available?

LanguagEd course participants are entitled to a 10% discount until 31 January. Find your coupon code at the beginning of your courses.

This is interesting! Where can I find out more?

You can: