Such a fascinating episode about teacher education! You must listen back.

‘We come to the world with an empty basket. It’s important to leave a basket full of things for others to pick up!’

Dr. Gabriel Diaz Maggioli 

Wonderful quote! It reminds me of the post I wrote about our philosophies as people, as well as our principles as educators. 

More takeaways:

💡Once you become an experienced teacher, share your stories, take a training course, shadow other trainers and get involved in Teacher training.
💡Bring authentic materials in the training room, e.g. collect lesson transcripts and analyse teacher talk. I love this idea.
💡Engage in exploratory research.
💡Learn from self-observation.
💡Collect evidence of student learning and ask yourself: is it actual/creative learning or just repetition?
💡Join communities of practice.
💡 Attend sessions even outside of language teaching and monitor trainer approaches.

Thank you Teachers Talk Radio, Graham Stanley and Dr. Gabriel Diaz Maggioli for this brilliant episode!