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I want to start by thanking everyone who commented on my previous post! Sandy recommended a book which I’ve added to my list. Vedrana shared a great website about building a community of inquiry. Jemima mentioned some candidates may think they’re being assessed when they post a comment, so it’s useful to point out that they’re not. Already learning a lot, so thank you 😍

Critical evaluation?

Some of the candidates asked for examples of critical evaluation of techniques/methods/approaches, so I thought it might help to do a little practice. I gave them the following task -I mentioned it’s optional, Jemima 🙂

Brainstorm prons and  cons of one (or more ) of the following:

  1. method: PPP
  2. technique: translating vocabulary
  3. technique: dictation

When you’re commenting on pros and cons, you might want to think about your learners’ characteristics. Here are some ideas:

  • age
  • L1
  • level
  • context
  • preferences
  • ability
  • expectations in terms of educational approaches
  • previous experience with this method/technique
  • etc.. (these are just some suggestions!)

You’re welcome to share your answers in the comments about these or different methods/techniques you’re planning to use in your lessons! 🙂

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