As most of you already know, I’ve just joined a DELTA trainer-in-training programme. When I complete it in May 2023, I’ll get the letter of approval from Cambridge. Then, I’ll be working as an Assistant Delta Tutor for ALS until 2025.

So, I’m starting a new series of blogposts that will include:

  • things I learn
  • questions I have
  • tips for DELTA candidates.

I hope you find them useful – please feel free to share your ideas and experience in the comments!

Forum discussion-teaching beliefs.

My first task was starting a forum discussion about teaching beliefs. I started by commenting on one of the statements and invited our candidates to share their thoughts. 2/8 responded and I wonder how I could motivate more teachers to share, as this is a really important step. Is it possible that they were worried about ‘being wrong’? Maybe. Or could it be that a live discussion in breakout rooms would be more motivating? So they don’t feel they have to write something ‘academic’? How do you usually introduce beliefs?


There’s a lot to learn and luckily, I remember a lot from my DELTA days! The 5a form is a great checklist/reminder of what candidates need to do/write about in their lesson plans and essays. If you’re a DELTA candidate make sure you familiarise yourself with all the criteria. You can find them here.

Rachel’s lesson planning tip: Problems and solutions

The more problems you anticipate and the more solutions you can come up with, the fewer decisions you will need to make in class. You don’t want to have to think too hard when you’re being assessed. It will be stressful, and stress affects performance.

I wrote 18 problems in my externally assessed lesson plan! I divided them into categories:

  • Tasks (difficulty, timing, fast finishers)
  • Affect (motivation/interest/reluctance)
  • Tech (projectors, audio, laptop not working etc)
  • Target language (problems with form, meaning, pronunciation, avoidance etc)
  • Common issues (attendance, late arrivals, mixed levels, groupings)

I was very well prepared, which helped me feel more in control, more confident.

That’s all for now. More next week!