This is a shoutout to Chiara Bruzzano, for being an inspiring ELT professional.

Chiara is the Lead Instructor at LanguagEd, an online business that provides CPD to language teachers in Italy. CPD that is:

  • affordable: teachers should be able to access training at a reasonable price
  • research-based: professional development should be based on the latest available research
  • practice-oriented: activities should have a practical orientation, including teaching strategies
  • context-specific: to be effective, training must be tailored to the needs of teachers in their context
  • respectful: both experienced and novice teachers have a wealth of knowledge of what works in their contexts. LanguagEd courses respect and integrate this knowledge in the learning process.

Read how much Chiara’s done in less than three years:

I’m grateful to Chiara for giving me, a newly-qualified teacher trainer, the opportunity to work with her. Since March this year, I’ve been reading lesson plans designed by Italian teachers who are preparing for their national exam (concorso docenti AB24, AB25) . We then meet online to discuss the leasson plan, and I give them personalised feedback.

It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I’m absolutely ecstatic when teachers email me to tell me that they have passed with 90 or even 100%! Feedback on the consultations has been really positive and motivating!


Chiara is incredibly knowledgeable and provides constant support right from the outset. I’m also lucky enough to have two more star ELT professionals on my team: André Hedlund and Sylvia Provenzano, who are always willing to help and share what they’ve learned from their consultations.

LanguagEd courses have an overall 5-star rating! So if you’re looking for a concorso preparation course, you know what to do!