Jim Fuller is a teacher, trainer and blogger; the author of Sponge ELT. I came across his blog when I was preparing for Delta Module 2 and his post Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice was very thorough and useful. I got in touch with him and he was willing to share his coursework, to give me an idea of what a DELTA background essay and lesson plan should look like. That was extremely helpful l and I am grateful for Jim’s support.

Since then, I’ve been following Sponge ELT , reading his reflective posts on teaching and training as well as the transition between the two. I really enjoyed The Teacher trainer Diaries, and his Cambridge Train the Trainer posts where Jim described what he learned on the TtT course.

Jim has just started a video series called Sponge chats. His two main objectives are :

  1. To provide teachers from around the world with insights into how people in various academic management positions got there, what advice they have, and how they continually develop.
  2. By providing this information to teachers, hopefully it will encourage more teachers to seek more training, more professional development opportunities, which in turn may increase the level of professionalism across our sector.

He’s interviewed seasoned trainers, like Borja Uruñuela and Chris Roland. I was recently invited to talk about my own journey into teacher training; you can read his post 👇, listen to our chat on spotify or watch it on Youtube.

Two things I’d like to clarify:

I didn’t mean to imply that my employer in Tarifa let me down in any way. Quite the contrary! I feel I disappointed her, as I could have done better back then.

I mentioned Waters and Vilches‘ article (seminar island metaphor) but said it was Ian McGrath’s. Apologies. I’ve been reading a lot and I got confused. McGrath’s article was Feeding, Leading, Showing , Throwing which I was also reading at the time!

This blog post is part of the Sponge Chats video series. Last week I had the pleasure to sit down with newly-into-the-teacher-training-industry …

Sponge Chats – Fresh into teacher training with Rachel Tsateri