Unit 4 summary

Key takeaways

McGrath’s article: Feeding, showing, leading, throwing. Process choices in teacher training and trainer training

Feeding: Transmission of knowledge. Input.

Leading: Guiding, facilitating learning.

Showing: Demonstrating, modeling.

Throwing: Opportunity to do, practise.

Order: Doesn’t have to be predictable. A possible sequence: Showing , feeding, throwing.

Showing must be done in a subtle manner. Showing, not showing off.

Showing after throwing can turn the leading stage to  an evaluative comparison.

Feeding can be done by the trainees.

It is a trainer-centric model. 

Leading: Don’t play the “‘guess what’s in the trainer’s head” game! Don’t ask teachers to spend time brainstorming and exploring only to give them a list of pre-written answers.

To reflect on: Maybe skip a process? Throwing, leading, feeding? The feeding being what participants noticed/learned during the process?

Task design

We looked at two textbooks and designed some tasks for teachers. Starting from lower order thinking (e.g listing) to higher order thinking (e.g. improving). Objective noticing to subjective evaluation.

Here are my tasks:

1. Listing Look at the speaking tasks in both textbooks. List the ones that reflect real-life situations.
2. Rearranging Choose any sequence from either of the materials and rearrange the activities to suit your learners’ needs or preferences. Justify your choices.
3. ComparingCompare the way in which grammar is presented in both materials. What is the difference?
4. Ranking Look at page .. page 6. Rank the activities in order of usefulness, starting from the most useful in your opinion. Justify your choice.
5. Selecting Look at … , page 7. Select any activity that you would skip/assign for homework if you ran out of time. Justify your choice.
6. Adding / completingChoose one of the two materials and add a writing activity.
7. Adapting Look at ……, page 5. How would you adapt exercise 3 for an online class of 10 teenagers?
8. Preparing Look at …. page 4. Prepare a list of 5 errors your learners might make in that lesson and think of the most effective way to address each of them.
9. Evaluating Evaluate the visual component and layout of ….(Teachers create a list of criteria)
10. Improving How would you improve the pronunciation activities, where the focus is only on listen and repeat? What kind of pronunciation activities do you think are missing in different stages?


Feeding, Leading, Showing, Throwing: Process Choices in Teacher Training and Trainer Training – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)