This is a lesson plan I’ve created, based on the Netflix series COBRA KAI.

It’s for group classes, as it includes a jigsaw listening task but feel free to adapt the materials for private classes .

I’ve used the plot summary from Wikipedia and divided it into 4 recordings.

Students listen to their part of the summary (1/4), then work in groups of 4 to share their content and reconstruct the whole text.

They also practise writing and study new lexis which they can use in their texts.

Level: advanced

Time: 60 mins

Communicative aim:

by the end of the lesson students will be better able to talk about Cobra KAI/summarize the plot .

Linguistic aim:

to present and practise new lexis that students can use when they talk about this TV series.

Skills and strategies:

to practise listening skills (gist and detail).

to develop strategic competence and respond to communication breakdowns by paraphrasing, requesting clarification, clarifying, etc.

to practise writing, focusing on accuracy.

to develop oral fluency within an interesting context.

Teaching aims

to integrate the four skills.

to promote authentic listening by using a jigsaw task .

to promote autonomy by introducing strategies students can transfer out of class.

to encourage peer feedback.

Thank you.. 👏❤

Vicky Margari, Chris Mo Szu Ti, Liza Fedotova, Craig Burrows, Karen Gammak, Chiara Bruzzano and Daniel Guim for the recordings!

Andre Hedlund, for having a look and giving me useful feedback! Andre has also written a post inspired by the Karate Kid vs Cobra Kai story. Read it here.

If your students are NETFLIX fans, I’ve also shared this lesson plan based on The Crown.


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