Who hasn’t played Truth or Dare at least once? But have you ever played it in class?

It’s a whole lot of fun! You can use it as a back-up activity when you finish early. Also a great end-of-year/ trimester party activity.

You might want to prepare the Truth or Dare cards yourself for two obvious reasons:

  1. To control what’s going to be said and/or done in class!
  2. To tailor it to your students’ needs and practise previously taught language, such as action verbs, adverbs, topic-related vocabulary etc.

How to set it up and play:

  1. Prepare some truth and dare cards. For online classes, I would use Google Jamboard, my favourite web tool!

2. In face -to-face classes, students can sit in a circle and the teacher asks “Truth or Dare”? This means players are given a choice between answering a question, or performing a “dare”, which is usually something silly or (a little) embarrassing. The student picks one card (either truth or dare) and when they finish (answering the question or performing the dare) , the same routine is repeated with the next player.

3. In online classes, you can decide who goes first by using a spinner. Then, that player can nominate the next one and so on.

4.Give students points to make it more competitive.

5. Agree on a punishment. Tell your students if they refuse to answer the question or perform the dare, there will be some sort of punishment. For example, they lose a certain number of points, or another player gets their points. Hmm.. on second thought, why not ask students to come up with a punishment?

Get my template!

I’m not teaching groups this year but since I created a Jamboard Truth or Dare for a virtual party, I thought it’s my duty to share a template you can use in online classes. 🙂 Actually, face-to-face, too. Why waste paper if you have a projector in class? Go Green if possible!

Get my Jamboard template here! In slide one, you’ll find the cards and in slide two, a sample scoreboard if you’re playing with points. Feel free to get creative and edit it!

You need to make your own copy as this one is view-only. Here’s how:

Once you have your own copy, you can move the stickies and send them to the bin like this:

You are welcome to use my  cards or create your own sets. Just click on the stickies and edit the text. I recommend keeping the numbered cards , to hide the next truth or dare card and keep track of how many are left.


You can use this spinner to give players points if you feel like making it more competitive. Just click on spin BEFORE players choose Truth or Dare, so that they know how many points they’re playing for!

If you use this spinner to decide who goes first, go to modify wheel and add player’s names. You can add more than 4.


Share your entire screen, not just part of it, as you might be switching between tabs (Jamboard and spinners).

If you use my template, drop me a line and let me know how it went!