This is a lesson plan I’ve created for a B2 student of mine. She’s a high school teacher and effective feedback was one of the topics that came up when we were having a “needs analysis” kind of chat.

She’s more interested in authentic materials, so I usually find articles or Ted talks that might engage her and create my materials based on the source of input. For this lesson, I’ve used  parts of this article.

I try to use a holistic approach, i.e.:

  • use texts or videos to practise receptive skills.
  • discuss content of articles/Ted talks with the student.
  • highlight lexical chunks in texts or recordings to help her improve her fluency.
  • encourage her to be “collocation curious” and use collocation dictionaries instead of only learning single words.
  • use a light grammar teaching approach, i.e. encouraging her to notice grammar structures, do some practice in class and then give her a quizlet set for homework. Typically, I try to recycle and reintroduce taught grammar in next classes/different contexts.
  • include a useful language box when she prepares for a speaking task.
  • formative feedback during the lesson (1-2 feedback slots) but no interruption when she speaks.
  • give her some time to reflect on content and language at the end of class.

So in this lesson students can:

Practise reading for gist and detail

Practise speaking -expressing opinion on effective feedback

Notice language, such as collocations/colligations with feedback and topic-related lexical chunks.

Practise some grammar– review might and practise using the passive voice with modals

Time: 60-90’ , but you can skip some parts, e.g. pre-teaching vocab. Ex 10 and 11 can be done for homework.


Hope it’s useful and of course feedback is more than welcome!