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James Egerton

Don’t put anyone in a box if you don’t want to stunt their growth.

Are you interested in progress in education? Are you interested in helping teachers and students develop as quickly and deeply as possible? Me too. Then the latest scientific and psychological studies need to filter down to our teachers in courses like CELTA and down to students in our classes.

I’ll be brief with this one. You’re not just a visual learner. You’re not just an auditory learner. You’re not just a kinesthetic learner. You’re not just a reading/writing learner. You’re an all-round learner. The studies are in and the ‘Learning Styles’ theory has been debunked. Pass it on.

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Growing in traction since the 1970s, ‘Learning Styles’ is not a good idea anymore, not when reliable academic work has been debunking this myth repeatedly for the last 10-15 years. Yet, amazingly, the ‘Learning Styles’ zombie won’t die…

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