This week I’ve used  Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s quarantine song, “Stuck with you”.

You can download the materials here:

stuck with you_worksheet

stuck With you_answer key

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answer key

Some information..

Suitable for : upper intermediate+

Time: between 60 and 80′ depending on number of students

Language focus:

  1. Receptive exposure to informal contractions: kinda, I’ma, ain’t.
  2. Meaning of language chunks found in the song.
  3. Practicing  “might as well” using Woolard’s texting approach. You can read more about it in my post My top 3 Teaching Lexically activities.


Focused listening to find extra words that don’t exist in the song.

Sentence dictation.

Pronunciation practice

Noticing elision of /t/, /d/ and yod coalescence between /t/ and /j/


As always, feedback is welcome. You can also check out the rest of the song worksheets I created last month:

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