This week’s song

“Break my heart” by Dua Lipa.

Level and time:

Already used it with my intermediate learners. It took about 45′ from beginning to end.


You can use the PowerPoint as a teacher’s copy or a lesson plan. Open it, to get an idea of the lesson procedure. You can share it onscreen to make instructions more visual or even email it to your students.

There is a  gap-fill worksheet with embedded audio. I’ve also designed a find_the_secret_message activity, as it was met with a lot of enthusiasm last week. This is the answer key.

You might need to press the Ctrl key when you click on hyperlinks in word or powerpoint.

If you’re using google docs have a look here and  here You just need to make copies for your students. Give them permission to edit.

Brief summary of stages and language

  • A gist task
  • A gap fill
  • Language check
  • Personalising task
  • Decoding practice
  1. Language focus: language chunks found in the song.
  2. Elision of /t/ in word final position.


If you’ve also read my previous post, you probably noticed I avoid phonology metalanguage.  Most of my students know elision of /t/ as the disappearing t or the t that doesn’t survive!

It’s a “light” lesson. The main aim is to work with the song, have some fun and notice the language chunks and elision in fast speech . If you want, you can  add more practice activities.

Feedback from students:

I liked it because the exercises were more practical.

I’ve noticed the disappearing d too!

I like that I understand “break my heart”  better now. It’s one of my favourite songs.


If you use any of the materials, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let me know how it went!  Follow my blog or like my facebook page to stay in touch, as I’m preparing two more song worksheets.

Check out last week’s post here. I’ve created materials based on “What if I told you that I love you” by Ali Gaitie.