As I wrote in my last post, I’ve decided to use trending songs to create tasks for my classes. The reason is the obvious link between music and motivation; especially when we’re talking about teenagers. Since the lockdown began, most of them tend to be easily distracted and  they just have that look that says: I’m not interested in the coursebook. At all.

I used to create song worksheets for my face-to-face classes, too. The problem is that in an online setting, designing and sharing  such materials is a bit tricky. You don’t just give students a photocopy and play a song. It takes more time and effort. Downloading, converting, embedding and all that. However, knowing other teachers might benefit from your work is a great motivator. So, please use and share with your colleagues!

The song I’ve chosen this week is What if I told you that I love you by Ali Gatie. I’ve designed several tasks hoping you can use at least one!

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Suitable for  intermediate classes. Elementary students can handle some tasks as well. Perhaps it’s too easy for advanced learners but it can be fun homework.


Worksheets are available in two formats.

  • word documents: 1) option one: download them and email them to your students who also need to download the docs in order to open the hyperlinks  and complete the tasks (easier solution). 2) option two: open them in google docs.
  • google docs: If this is too much, I’m also sharing the google docs links in the folder. Answer key included. They are view only- you need to make one copy for each of your students, give permission to edit, send them the link and then monitor as they’re completing the tasks.

There is a powerpoint with some extra tasks which you can project as your teacher’s copy. It helps to make instructions more visual. If you want to email it to your students, that’s fine; just remember to tell them to download it in order to  get access to worksheets and audio files.

Activity types

There are two different worksheets.

  • In the first worksheet, exercise number 2 is a gap-fill (easier task).
  • In the second worksheet, students listen and underline the extra words first, then put  the underlined words together to find the secret message (a bit more challenging).

The rest of the exercises are exactly the same.

  1. The language focus is What if +past simple…..? Would you +infinitive….? for hypothetical questions.
  2. There’s a creative task where students can write an extra verse using the target structures.
  3. Finally, a micro-listening task focusing on yod coalescence.

My intermediate students really enjoyed the creative task (number 4). if you want them to complete it in a google doc, you can make a copy of this template.


Lots of options here. You can:

  • use one or two tasks  per class
  • go for the whole sequence: listening, language focus, micro-listening, extra verse.
  • just use the tasks you think address your students’ needs

Last but not least..

If you want to make any changes, please share your materials with me as I’d love to get some ideas from your work.

If you use any of the materials, please leave a comment and let me know how it went. All feedback is welcome.

I’m now working on three more songs. Follow my blog to get new notifications or visit my new facebook page to stay in touch.

Enjoy 🙂